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Outtasite Bio

1 Outtasite live Outtasite, who's given name is Michael Singleton is a artist, performer, producer, and talent manager from Seattle Washington. Outtasite began his career in the entertainment business, recording demo's and doing spot shows opening for national acts in the Pacific Northwest.  After several years of hustling to stand out in the local scene, Outtasite was hired to back up Hip-Hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot during live shows. Shorty after, Outtasite made his national debut in 1996 on the Sir Mix-A-Lot track "Funk4 Da B.L.V.D." alongside fellow members of his group "The Elite".

In the year 2000, Outtasite gained local attention for being the only relatively unknown member of an otherwise supergroup of famous Seattlelites "SubSet". After that short-lived yet door opening experience, Outtasite began working on solo material for his debut album; "Right Side Down".  The album features guest appearances by Chris Ballew of PUSA on "Together Now", and Sir Mix-A-Lot on the standout track "Louder". This album features Outtasite's first collaborative work with guitarist Joel Davila, and also guitarist, and vocalist Sevrin Johnson.  In 2004 a sample of this self-decribed 'Hybrid Noise' landed on "Project Gotham 2" (X-Box) via the track "High Powered". Samples of Outtasite's debut album  have also been heard on MTV's hit show "Pimp My Ride", and Saffire Film's indy movie "Forbidden", among other random places. The album was officially released by Rhyme Cartel Records in January 2005. 

Also early in the decade, Outtasite made several guest appearences on DJ Funk Daddy's third full legth album "I Wan't All That", and also produced the Sir Mix-A-Lot track "Resonate" which appeared both on "Project Gotham 1", and the 2003 Sir Mix-A-Lot album "Daddy's Home".

In 2004, Outtasite joined "The Presidents of the United States of America" front man Chris Ballew to form  a new duo called "The Feelings Hijackers" or T.F.H. for short. After releasing thier self titled debut in 2005, the abstract duo began work on T.F.H. vol.2  "Skeletal Remains", released in September 2007.

In the Spring of 2008, Outtasite released his second full length album titled: "Careful What You Wish For" on Rhyme Cartel Records. This album once again inlists the guitarwork of Joel Davila, and features guest appearances by Preston Creed, The Rush Project, Tomeka Williams, Jane C, & Sir Mix-A-Lot. The album, accompanied by a music video for it's title track was re-released in 2010. 

In February, 2011 Outtasite once again teamed up with Chris Ballew, to release the third album by The Feelings Hijackers (T.F.H.), titled "SUPERECORD". This 21 song album consists of both unreleased material, and previously released/remastered favorites. This album also marks the release of The Feelings Hijackers first official music videos. 

Also in 2011, the Outtasite song "Louder" was used in the film  "The Family Tree".   

In 2015 Outtasite produced the score for the motion picture "Deet n Bax save the world" , and also produced the films theme song "Keef Army Anthem". It was during this time that Singleton began to manage the career of hip hop legend  Money B of Digital Underground.

In 2019 Outtasite continues to tour nationally with Sir Mix-A-Lot, and is preparing to release a series of new projects.